Performance of bimetal bearings bushes

Bimetal bearing is a kind of oil-free lubrication bearing. The product is based on high-quality low-carbon steel back and sintered with lead-tin bronze alloy on the surface. After several times of high-temperature sintering and dense rolling, the bimetal is made of copper and steel. Rolled from strip material, it is suitable for a variety of purposes such as bushings and thrust washers bearing medium speed and high impact loads.

Since the base body is stable of low-carbon steel material, the machining accuracy of the outer diameter of the sleeve is guaranteed, bimetal bearing bushes do not need to be fixed by screws after it is installed in the seat hole, while the phenomenon of outer circle can be prevented by relying on interference fit. The change of the chemical composition of the inner surface alloy layer can meet the requirements of different bearing pressures, different operating temperatures, and different sliding speeds. The friction surface is designed with different structures of oil grooves and oil pockets in production to meet the requirements of different refueling methods and prevent shaft biting phenomenon. 

The bimetal bearing bush has the advantages of good wear resistance. Especially suitable for medium speed, medium load and low speed and high load. Through special technological means, various oil grooves, oil pockets and oil holes can be processed on the friction surface to adapt to the use under different lubrication conditions. The bimetal bearing bushes have been widely used in automobile engines, chassis, motorcycle clutches, gear pump wipers and lifting equipment.